Frequently Asked Questions

Where do I mail the checks for my assessment fees?
Mail your assessments fees to:

Mail Assessment Checks to:

” Your Association Name HERE”
c/o Chicago Property Services Processing Center
P.O. Box 94493
Las Vegas, NV 89193-4493

Checks are made payable to your associations. Please include your customer ID in the memo area or include your remittance stub with the check.

I need a copy of my statement.  How do I request one?
You can send an email request to Please note a duplication fee may apply.

Can I drop off my assessment check in your office?
We do not accept payments in our office. In the event you do drop it off, it will be mailed to the lockbox and your account may be subject to a late fee depending on when it arrives to the lockbox.

Can I drop off my assessment check at the lockbox?
The lockbox is simply a P.O. Box located in Las Vegas, Arizona.. The post office does not allow hand deliveries to P.O. Boxes so you must send it via U.S. Mail with the appropriate postage.

What is the quickest way to pay my assessment so I can avoid a late fee?
The association’s banking institution offers the option to pay via credit card or e-check on the association’s behalf. The bank charges a convenience fee to cover the costs of running this convenient form of payment. You will need your customer ID number and can pay via the following link:

How can I update my mailing address with you?
Call our office at (312) 455-0107 or open a case on by logging in and clicking on “Cases” at the top.

How do I obtain a certificate of insurance?
Call the insurance agent directly to request one. If you need contact information, you can find it in the “contacts” section of your community page under the “vendors” tab in MMC (

How can I obtain a financial report or other condo documents for my association?
Log in to, click on “Community” at the top then go to the “Library” on the menu to the left. You can find governing documents, a financial report, meeting minutes, etc.

How do I obtain a paid up assessment letter or 22.1 disclosure/questionnaire for the refinance or sale of my unit?
Please visit and create an account if you are a first time user.  Otherwise, simply log in and enter your request.   Please note that a fee will apply for these services.

How do I have a maintenance/repair addressed for my individual unit?
Log in to and open a case by clicking on “Cases” in the top right corner.

How do I report an issue in the building?
Log in to and open a case by clicking on “Cases” in the top right corner.

How can I communicate with the board?
Log in to and open a case by clicking on “Cases” in the top right corner.

What is Manage My Community (MMC) and how can I access it?
Click Here for more information.


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