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Welcome to Chicago Property Services

We are a community management company based in the
Logan Square neighborhood of Chicago

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Boutique Services

bo͞oˈtēk ˈsər-vəs

We offer highly specialized
community association management services

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Laser Focus

ˈlā-zər ˈfō-kəs

We concentrate on the management of
condos, townhomes and HOA's that are 50 units and under

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We possess the special skill and knowledge representing
mastery of community management services

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Our consistently high quality management services create an enhanced community living experience for our association clients

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Our highly trained community consultants respond to requests day and night
so that you can enjoy the peace and comfort of your home

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Personalized Service

ˈpərs(ə)nəˌlīzd ˈsərvəs

We offer community association services designed
to meet an individual association’s requirements

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Action Oriented


Our innovative approach to community management ensures a
results oriented experience for our association clients

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Chicago Property Services

Love Community Living

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Chicago Property Services

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